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Supporting Local Has Never Been So Easy, Fun & Rewarding

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Unlock Local Treasures - Introducing the My Peterhead Support Local Discount Card!

Welcome to a world where your wallet stays happy, and local businesses get a standing ovation! Say hello to the My Peterhead Support Local Discount Card – your ticket to exclusive deals, savings, and a whole lot of local love.

Shop Smart, Support Local:

Ready to turn your ordinary shopping spree into a parade of discounts and local charm?

The Support Local Discount Card is your golden key to unlocking exclusive savings at Peterhead's finest establishments. From quaint boutiques to cosy cafes, every swipe supports our town's heartbeat.

How It Works:

  • Grab Your Card:

    Purchase your Support Local Discount Card and join the ranks of savvy locals supporting the community.

  • Explore Exclusive Offers:

    Dive into our Local Finder to discover a plethora of exclusive discounts waiting for you.

  • Flash, Swipe, Repeat:

    Flash your card and watch the prices drop. It's that simple!

  • Renew and Rejoice:

    The discounts keep rolling in, and so do the perks. Renew your card for a constant stream of savings.

Cardholder Perks:

  • Exclusive Discounts:

    Enjoy special discounts at participating businesses – because why pay more when you can pay local?

  • Quarterly Refresh:

    Our offers change with the seasons, keeping your shopping experience fresh and exciting.

  • VIP Access to Events:

    Get early access and exclusive perks at My Peterhead events. You're not just a cardholder; you're part of the local VIP club!

Businesses That Love Your Card:

Local businesses have joined the Support Local movement, and they're ready to show some love.

By flashing your card, you're not just saving; you're saying, "Hey, I'm part of this awesome community!"

Get Your Card...... Soon:

Support local, save big, and let the good times roll with the My Peterhead Support Local Discount Card. Your wallet will thank you, and so will our community!

Happy Shopping from My Peterhead!

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