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Pub Crawl Extravaganza - My Peterhead's Ultimate Pub Adventure!

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Raise your glasses, Peterhead! It's time to paint the town in hops, laughs, and good company. Welcome to My Peterhead's Pub Crawl - where every sip tells a story, and every pub is a pitstop on the path to unforgettable moments!

Cheers to Local Libations:

Embark on a journey through Peterhead's finest watering holes, each with its unique vibe and liquid delights. From cosy corners to lively nooks, our pub crawl promises a taste of the town's spirited character in every glass.

Dance, Sing, Repeat:

Prepare to dance like nobody's watching (but trust us, they are, and they love it). Our pub crawl isn't just a sip-and-stroll affair; it's a celebration of local music, spontaneous karaoke, and impromptu dance-offs. Bring your best moves, and let the rhythm of Peterhead guide you.

Pub Challenges and Shenanigans:

Every pub visit comes with a twist - challenges, games, and surprises that'll keep the fun flowing. Whether you're navigating trivia, mastering a pub-specific challenge, or just enjoying the banter, each stop adds a new layer to your pub crawl tale.

Win Big, Laugh Bigger:

Complete the crawl, conquer the challenges, and you might just snag some legendary prizes courtesy of our generous local sponsors. It's not just about the drinks; it's about the thrill of victory and the glory of being the pub crawl champion.

A Social Soiree for All:

Grab your crew, rally your colleagues, or make new friends along the way - our pub crawl is the ultimate social mixer. Whether you're a seasoned pub enthusiast or a first-time crawler, you're guaranteed a night of camaraderie and shared laughter.

How It Works:

  • Get Your Pub Passport:

    Grab your ticket and prepare for a night of adventure.

  • Choose Your Route:

    Pick your preferred pub crawl route - each one offers a different flavour of Peterhead's nightlife.

  • Pub-hop Like a Pro:

    Texts to guide you to each pub, complete the fun challenges with no rush to get to the next location.

  • Claim Your Pub Crawl Crown:

    Successfully conquer the crawl, and you could be the crowned Ultimate Pub Crawl Champion of Peterhead's pub scene.

Ready to paint the town, one pub at a time? The pints are poured, the challenges are set, and the laughter is waiting. Let the Pub Crawl Extravaganza commence!

Cheers to a Night You'll Remember from My Peterhead!

Supporting Local Has Never Been So Easy, Fun & Rewarding

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