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Get Ready to Hunt - My Peterhead Scavenger Adventures Await!

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Hey there, adventure seekers! Get ready to spice up your day with My Peterhead Scavenger Hunts – the kind of fun that's big on laughs, exploration, and local love!

Challenges Made Simple, Fun Multiplied:

Picture this: Text messages popping up with questions or tasks that are as easy as pie (or maybe a little trickier, but we promise, it's the good kind of tricky). Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, because hey, we all need a good brain-teaser break!

Navigate, Explore, & Win at Local Hotspots:

We're not sending you on just any scavenger hunt; we're guiding you through the coolest local shops in Peterhead. Each spot is a treasure trove of fun challenges and prizes. It's like a mini celebration every time you unlock a new clue!

Prizes Galore, Cash for More:

Guess what? Besides the joy of solving challenges, our local shops have stocked up on amazing prizes. And for the crème de la crème – a cash prize for the ultimate champions! Because who said treasure hunts can't pay off?

Kid-Friendly, Phone-Friendly, Everyone-Friendly:

Kids, grab your parents' phones (with permission, of course), because this adventure is for you too! Families, friends, lone wolves – if you're up for a good time, you're invited!

How the Fun Unfolds:

  1. Challenge Accepted: Your phone dings with fun tasks and questions.

  2. Shop & Solve: Local shops become your playground, each with a challenge that's cooler than the last.

  3. Prizes Await: Complete challenges, win prizes. It's that simple! And did we mention the grand cash prize? Yeah, it's a thing!

Ready to turn your day into a Peterhead extravaganza? Grab your smartphone, round up your crew, and let the laughs and adventures roll!

Cheers to Happy Hunting from My Peterhead!

Supporting Local Has Never Been So Easy, Fun & Rewarding

Discover Exclusive Offers & Discounts

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